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The main goal is to experience the simulate formative enterprise to confirm the business abilities in all sectors. The IFS's methodology tries to ride over some typical shortage of "traditional" teaching.
The new methodology tries to approach both the improvement's organisation and the processes' management, in the future's perspective to realise a quality's school.

IDEA ARREDO S.R.L. Is a furniture's enterprise for home and office. It is a great seller of furniture, the most are ready to be mounted by the consumer. It allows a cost and packaging's reduction.
The customers can also order great part of online range of furniture through our website.
The low costs are one of the piers of IDEA ARREDO S.R.L. And products are properly designed and functional, created to satisfy all ages' customers and all families.
IDEA ARREDO S.R.L.'s care for people and environment promote a better use of raw materials and energy.
One of the strong points is, indeed, the one to use as recycled material as possible for a smaller environmental impact.
IDEA ARREDO S.R.L.'s passion combine design to low costs, use of resources, and responsability for people and environment.


The activity develops in a building with more planes with exposition, design offices, busines offices and carpenter's shop. The part outdoor have a garden and two big parkings. The roof of the company was equipped with solar panels and the suction system of the wood waste groupsthe material that will be recycling.

IDEA ARREDO s.r.l., gives a lot of services, such as:
The realization of modular furniture;
Change of  furniture series;
The sale, hte delivery and the assembly of furnitures.


Our company "IDEA ARREDO s.r.l." make products thinking, designing and making that respect the internetional standard in the field of quality and protection of the environment.
The company controls all the itinerary that pass from the  initial idea to the delivery of the final product at client's home.


The main goal of our company is to satisfy  our clients in the better way.

The business wants always the utmost cortesy with the client so he can feel well when he is by us.

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